Social Media

Get Social with IFCPC

IFCPC is proud to announce that we are going social for the upcoming congress and beyond.

There will be two Social Media Training sessions, one on Tuesday, 27th May 2014 and the second on Wednesday, 28th May 2014 both during the lunch break. The sessions will discuss how to use LinkedIn and Twitter at the congress and tips on building your own professional network.

There will be three outlets to share your IFCPC 2014 experience on Social Media:

Twitter @IFCPC2014

Delegates will be able to ask questions through a live Twitter feed for all sessions at the congress. Use the following hashtags to ask a question to each presenter during their presentation. The moderator will be checking the live feed throughout the session.There will be live twitter updates about all the events taking place at the congress. Each delegate can make comments on events and let others know what they are doing at the congress.

  • #IFCPC2014ASKCA for sessions taking place in the Churchill Auditorium
  • #IFCPC2014ASKWR for sessions taking place in the Whittle Room
  • #IFCPC2014ASKEW for sessions taking place in the Elizabeth Windsor
  • #IFCPC2014ASKMR for sessions taking place in the Mountbatten Room

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We have created two LinkedIn groups one for IFCPC and a sub group for BSCCP in order for the discussions to continue online and to build our professional network.

Use LinkedIn to:

  • Network with peers from around the world
  • Get all the latest congress news and updates
  • Start your own discussions
  • Exchange knowledge and ideas
  • Learn about breakthroughs in our field
  • Find out who else is attending the congress

Click here to join the IFCPC group.
Click here to join the BSCCP group.


Take videos during IFCPC 2014 and share them online with Vimeo. Just use the tag IFCPC and we can add them to our channel online. You can also share lectures from other events that are related to the filed to help share the knowledge from around the world.

Click here to find our videos on Vimeo.